Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Update on our winter storm

I was busy yesterday starting to build our new entertainment center built-in. But I built the platforms to raise it up a little and attached it all together. Today I am going to try to finish the bookshelves and the mantle going across the whole top.  The goal is to get all the garage cleaned up so I can park back in the garage before the snow and ice.
Looks like a rainy day to try to wrap it up. Temps will be in the low-mid 40s all day today with rain arriving by midday. Temps fall fast tonight and the rain will change to freezing rain and snow through the night and day tomorrow. 

The temps are looking a little colder tomorrow and that has shifted the snow totals and ice totals a little farther south.
Here is a look at the ice totals for Thursday.
This is also a look at the snowfall totals by midday Friday. 
Here is a more detailed write-up for what is on the way... We are cloudy with temps in the lower 40s and our temps will only warm into the mid 40s today with a cold front moving through this afternoon. The cold front will bring rain showers by midday and we will see rain through the afternoon and evening. Colder air starts moving in from the northwest this evening and the rain briefly will change to ice then snow. Overnight that ice line will make its way to the I-71 corridor from Cincinnati to Columbus to Cleveland. The ice will continue to expand towards Southeast Ohio by daybreak with ice from I-71 corridor down towards Southeast Ohio. North & west of the I-71 corridor we will have snow through the day tomorrow and that snow will slowly work its way to the southeast as well. So we will all likely see some ice as we go from rain to snow, but the heaviest ice potential has shifted a little farther south, into Southern Ohio. With the southern shift in the heaviest ice that also means that our snowfall totals have shifted south a little more. The snow continues Thursday night and wraps up Friday morning. NW Ohio will see 7-12” of snow by midday Friday. From Cincinnati to Columbus to Youngstown, the swath will see 3-8” by midday Friday, then lower totals for Southern/Eastern Ohio due to a longer duration in the ice. Keep in mind that a 1° or 2° shift will adjust the snowfall totals.

Once the snow ends on Friday the focus will be digging out and also staying warm. Thursday the temps will fall slowly through the lower 30s into the 20s, but by Friday we will have high temps in the lower 20s. Friday night we anticipate temps below zero with clearing skies. Saturday will be mostly sunny with highs in the lower 20s again. More sun on Sunday and warming to the lower 30s. Clouds return on Monday with a slight chance for flurries or light snow with highs around 30. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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