Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Winter Running

It has been a cold and snowy February.  I have had my fair share of frosty eye lashes and snow-covered trails.  It has made running challenging at times, but it will only make running in warmer temperatures so much more enjoyable.  
This is a shot of the lake at Tar Hollow State Park from this past weekend. 

This is from Shawnee State Forest a couple weeks earlier.  We have some beautiful spots in Ohio.  I particularly love these two areas because of how challenging they are for running. 
Been having a lot of fun with the kids as well making a snowman and sledding recently as well.  So we are really taking advantage of the winter weather. 
We are about ready to start doing a remodel, or update, in one of our bathrooms.  I recently put in backsplash at a friend's house.  Turned out really well.  There was dark ceramic stickers on there before and the white really brightened up the kitchen.  
Good Tuesday morning! We have been slowly melting the last 36 hours and more melting today! We have a few flurries and sprinkles showing up on the radar, to the north, this morning. This will pass and then a mix of sun & clouds for the afternoon with highs in the lower 40s. We will also have a brisk breeze out of the west and winds pick up a little more tomorrow out of the southwest and we warm up to the upper 40s tomorrow. We will see more afternoon clouds tomorrow and a slight chance for a few isolated showers in the afternoon and evening. Our overnight low temps will be near or below freezing so be mindful for some spotty refreeze. A mix of sun & clouds on Thursday and Friday with highs in the lower 40s. This weekend we will have a few disturbances passing by around the region, so some scattered rain possible from time to time. We will also warm up more this weekend with highs near 50. So warmer for the weekend, but also a chance to be wet occasionally. Right now the rain looks light for Central Ohio, which is what we would prefer with all the snow still on the ground. Heavy rain could lead to some flooding concerns and we would prefer a slow warm-up with no heavy rain. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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  1. That pretty kitchen could use some scarlet door handles on the cabinets. Hmm, Scarlet and Gray! ;) The snow/ice is melting down here on the South Coast of Ohio, too. It's pretty sloppy out there, but I've been able to get out and collect some of the dog toys our youngest dragged out and left there for the past three weeks. I've got a batch of them in the laundry now. Happy Winter! I enjoy your posts!


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