Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Evan and I recorded a podcast (kinda)

Well... Kinda... It was barely more than a minute long...

He loves my microphone that I use to do my weather radio hits on WCOL and WTVN.  So I figured I would record something with him.  

Hope everyone is doing well.  I went down to Great Seal State Park and ran 20 miles in the snow and sunshine last weekend with Mike.  It was a great day on the trails.
We had a brief "warm-up" last week and I took the kids to the zoo and we had a lot of fun.  
This most recent weekend I did another 20 miles at Tar Hollow State Park with Mike again.  It was 17° when we started and it felt slightly warmer in the sun so we eagerly climbed this 400 foot hill to get to the ridge and run in the sun. That was the last of the sun we have had and we will get back into more sun tomorrow. 
Good Wednesday morning! We are back to the cold temps! We warmed up to 44 yesterday, which helped melt any residual ice from the weekend and we may see new icy spots this morning. A few flurries to start the day with winds coming off of Lake Erie, out of the north. Mostly cloudy with a high of 33 today. A quick disturbance will be swinging through Southern Illinois, Southern Indiana, and Kentucky this evening and it is expected to barely clip Southern Ohio. Snow will stay to the south with accumulations up to 1" possible in Southern Ohio. Tomorrow we will be even colder with the clouds starting to clear overnight, after the snow, and we dip to around 20 and a high of 28 tomorrow with a mix of sun & clouds. More sun Friday with a high of 32.
Our next weather maker arrives this weekend. Here is how things look right now... We will see increasing clouds on Saturday with a high of 36. Snow moves in Saturday night and we will see snow showers through Sunday morning. As we warm Sunday into the mid-upper 30s then the Southern half of Ohio will switch to rain and Northern Ohio stays light snow. As it gets colder Sunday night we transition back over to light snow heading into Monday with highs back in the lower 30s. Areas that stay all snow could see at least a few inches of snow, but rain areas will see significantly less. Stay tuned as we get closer and get a better handle on accumulation possibilities. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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