Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Cancelled run, kiddo fun, kiddo projects, storms on the way

This photo doesn't do the sunrise justice, but this is from Saturday morning.  I had plans to run a 50k in Cleveland, but man... so much has changed in the past week.  We didn't have a single coronavirus in Ohio, but that changed FAST last week and large gathers were cancelled and the parks service pulled the permits for the race.  So I stayed in Cleveland and a friend joined me for a 25k for fun.
We made sure to keep our distance for the run.  
We got the run done before the snow/rain hit and we had some HUGE flakes.  Some of the snowflakes were 2 inches in diameter!
So Summer had a virus a week and a half ago... She had a low fever and a weird rash.  She recovered by Wednesday, but her immune system was weaker so we kept her home.  I had fun with the kids going to the park and getting outside.  By Friday the coronavirus was ramped up and we decided to keep Summer at home again.  So she has had an extended break from school by an extra week. But we are doing lots of learning at home and she has been a HUGE help with some special projects... more on those in a second.  
Speaking of special projects... I tested out some microphones last week.  I started this new segment on the WSYX YouTube page called "Buck On the Run." I learned a lot from the first episode to get audio just from the person running so you don't hear the wind and you get better sound from just that person... not me breathing. HAHA.  So I tested out some microphones because some work better than others to record the audio separate then mix it in with the video later.
Back to the backyard for more run.  Evan is WAY more of a climber than Summer. He loves our slide and would keep going down that all day long if we let him.  
So on to the projects.  The first project was some trail work.  Summer helped clear the smaller limbs from nearby trails and I tackled the larger ones.  I had to cut a few trees that fall to clear the existing trails. Then we went running around on the trails. If Evan lost direct line of sight then he would just freeze even if he was looking at us through a couple of branches.  I found that interesting.  But at least he stops and doesn't wander off.
Yesterday Summer helped build our final garden bed.  The existing boards were falling apart and rotting so I replaced them.  The new building format does not require nails or screws and should last much longer.   Summer was a BIG help on this. She liked stacking the boards on the patio to do a "dry run" and get the drilling all done.  Then helped carry the boards out to the hard.  Then I used rebar and pounded them into the holes to pull it all together. 
Good Tuesday morning and Happy St. Patrick's Day for anyone celebrating.  We are starting off damp with some early morning showers.  They are mainly to the south and already moving out, so let's go with a 20% chance of rain for early today then we can drop that out by the end of the morning commute.  Clouds will break up some in the afternoon for hopefully a little sunshine and high temps in the lower 50s.  We will be mostly clear tonight with a few passing clouds and low temps in the mid 30s. Wednesday we start out with a little sun then increasing clouds and highs around 60.  We will see showers move in during the afternoon and the rain will stick around through the evening and overnight.  A few rumbles of thunder are possible, but severe risk is low. Storm Prediction Center has Central Ohio in the General Thunderstorm criteria. Most of that rain will be gone by daybreak on Thursday and the majority of the daytime hours will be drying out.  Surge of warm air later in the day will warm us into the upper 60s.  Another wave of rain will move in late Thursday and that will stick around into Friday as a strong cold front kicks through midday.  Temps start falling for Friday PM once the rain moves out.  We will spend most of Thursday PM and Friday in the 60s.  Strong winds Friday PM out of the north will push in colder air. Saturday morning we wake up with temps around 30 and only warming into the lower 40s with partly cloudy skies.  Mostly sunny Sunday with morning temps in the upper 20s and highs in the mid 40s. Thankfully a dry weekend, but it will be chilly so dress warm.  A little rain looks to return later on Monday.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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