Monday, March 9, 2020

Zoo trip, warming temps, pollen is back!

The kids and I went to the Columbus Zoo last week.  It was a sunny day and "mild" temps, so we wanted to go before it started getting too busy.  We went to 90% of the exhibits that were open.  Lots of animals were out and we had a blast.  This is back from the gorilla exhibit.  We were interacting with this one for a while.
Evan liked the bears as well.  He was a little unsure about the water and how he could see above the water and below the water at the same time.  One bear was in the water playing with a floating device.

Summer loved the lion exhibit.  Look through the back window carefully.  You can see the lions laying on the ground behind the plane. 
I got a little creative Friday and lost the pocket square because the bottle of hand sanitizer fit perfectly.  
Saturday's long run was a lot of fun.  I did the first 7 miles solo then the last 8 miles was with this fun group of guys.  LOTS of new runners out for the group run as well.  
We tried to get outside and enjoy some of the sunshine and warm temps yesterday.  We walked around the neighborhood and then played in the backyard a while at home. 
My eyes are a little itchy today... Sure enough, tree pollen is already coming out and causing issues.  We will see that drop a little tomorrow with rain, but more tree pollen will be coming out later this week.  
Since Daylight Saving Time kicked in yesterday, we get a sunset after 7:30PM, but the sun does not come up until just before 8AM now.  So morning drives will be darker for a while. 
Quite an active week on the way with four waves of moisture, but thankfully temps stay mild most of the time.  We stay dry for your Monday with temps staying warm and we will start out in the mid 40s and warm into the mid 60s with a mix of sun & clouds.  Clouds thicken up this evening with rain moving in tonight.  Mild and wet overnight with rain & showers.  A few rumbles of thunder possible as well. Rain will stick around for the first half of Tuesday with highs around 60.  Rain moves out midday and then mostly cloudy.  Winds will be brisk today, tonight, and early Tuesday out of the southwest then switch to the northwest tomorrow once the rain moves out.  A little lingering spotty rain possible Wednesday, but most of the day will be dry for most of us.  Going with a 20% chance of rain Wednesday since most of us will stay dry with mostly cloudy skies and highs in the mid 50s. Our next wave of moisture comes later Thursday into Friday.  We will see another surge of warm air ahead of the rain, similar to today.  So we warm into the lower-mid 60s on Thursday with rain moving in during the evening and overnight.  The rain moves out early Friday and then cooler air moves in for the weekend.  Highs on Friday in the lower 50s.  Overnight lows for Friday night and the weekend will be in the mid 30s.  The fourth wave of moisture moves in during the second half of Saturday.  With highs in the 40s it will be a colder rain for Saturday PM and even some snow possibly mixing in to the north for Saturday night and early Sunday.  The whole system kicks out early Sunday then a high of 50 with decreasing clouds through the day Sunday.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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