Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Good luck Summer! We now have a preschooler...

So Dawn just dropped off Summer for her first day of preschool.  No crying, no pleading... just "Bye Mom."  Summer has been asking to go to school for a long time and she has been so over-the-moon excited to make new friends and learn more.  She now will have responsibilities for the rest of her life.  HAHA!
Labor Day was a pretty good day.  Worked the morning shift, ran some errands, mowed the grass... then relaxed.  We had a few friends over and it was a pretty good day... Hot, but we managed to stay cool in the shade and the kids had fun in a new pool. 
Some would say that we had a whale of a good time.  Meijer had some of these little kid pools on clearance so we picked one up for the kids.  Summer had a blast with our friend's daughter.  Evan... well he just slept. 
This kid loves to sleep!  Everyone is doing great at the house.  Dawn is taking about 200 photos an hour of Evan.  I almost got a photo of him smiling yesterday... ear to ear smile, but it only lasted a quick minute. 
One more hot day, then a couple rounds of rain on the way. We will warm back into the lower 90s today with humidity making it feel like the upper 90s. We will, again, see isolated showers/storms pop up in the afternoon due to the heat and humidity. Clouds stick around tonight with an spotty shower possible. A cold front will pass through Thursday triggering more showers and storms, so be sure to have the rain gear handy tomorrow. It will also cool us off with highs in the lower 80s. A spotty shower/storm possible Friday, but most of the day looks to be dry with partly/mostly cloudy skies.
Then we get to the weekend and the remnants of Tropical Storm Gordon. Gordon officially made landfall last night between Boloxi, Mississippi and Mobile, Alabama. It was a strong tropical storm and was barely below the hurricane criteria. The storm will continue northwest into Western Arkansas the next 48 hours then take a right-hand turn and head toward the Ohio Valley for the weekend. The forecast models continue dropping our high temps for the weekend so we are going to go with mid 70s for highs Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. The big question is when will the storm make that right-hand turn. The GFS and Canadian model have the turn earlier and bring in steady rain for Saturday PM and lasting through Sunday. The Euro model holds off on the turn a little later and does not bring the steady rain to Ohio until Sunday into Monday. So there is still some uncertainty in when the rain will arrive and leave, but it does look like Sunday will be wet for us.  The newest GFS is leaning more towards the Euro with delaying the rain. So I did up the chance of rain for Monday from the early morning forecast. High pressure builds by Tuesday with sunshine coming back. Euro, the delayed rain model, still keeps a little early morning rain for Tuesday, so keeping a 20% chance of rain. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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