Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Running Earth Day, Planting Forecast, fun with Summer

Yesterday Summer and I got our run in just before the rain rolled in.  It's been a damp night and morning so far and it is going to stay that way... More on that in a little bit.
Had a fantastic final run with the Columbus Westside Running Club on Saturday. Going to miss these peeps. This was the final group run before the Cap City Half next week. Then the group is officially taking a little bit of a break besides the few of us doing more races coming up, but this does give me the opportunity for more time in the woods on trails before the Mohican trail marathon.
We did our monthly bike/running trail cleanup today as well after the group run. Pretty solid Saturday morning.
Rain steady most of the day today, especially early. The rain breaks up some later in the day and becomes scattered. Scattered rain will stick around tonight and the first part of Wednesday. Rain will generally be light and temps remaining cool today, tonight, and Wednesday. More sun on Thursday as high pressure builds. Clouds return Friday with some scattered rain possible as a cold front swings through later in the day. Decreasing clouds for the weekend with warming temps thanks to all the sunshine
Feel free to click the image above, but this is the GFS forecast for surface temperatures the next 16 days.
This is what I am going with for our next 10 days.  Still staying below normal through the end of the month, but we warm up more next week.  
I have had a LOT of questions about planting the garden or plants outside... We will warm up next week, but frost is still possible this spring. As far as a hard freeze... none on the horizon, but can't rule it out.
So I give planting outside a yellow light for hardy plants, but you may want to hold off on tender plants. Planting in pots is a great way to get a jump start on a juicy tomato, that way they are mobile. Keep sheets ready to cover plants or be ready bring them inside, if needed. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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