Wednesday, November 29, 2017

THE game, hanging decorations, visiting the big guy, cold coming

We had a lot of fun Friday getting ready for THE game!
Summer enjoyed some travels and got to see both sets of grandparents this weekend.  
I went up to Cleveland to spend the weekend with Dawn's family.  I got up with Summer both mornings and we had fun hanging out while the rest of the family slept in.  Like what I did with her hair?
I went for a run before the game and did a lucky seven miles and thankfully the Buckeyes were able to get a win against the team up north. 
I am in the middle of the Runner's World Run Streak.  And it's a good thing I have been staying active. 
Monday morning I tried breaking into the new studio... But... they were still locked.  We are doing run-throughs this week to work out any unforeseen kinks.  The new set is AMAZING and cutting-edge.
How about this sunset from Monday! No filter used!
I hung up the lights yesterday.  It went very smooth... almost too smooth.
Then I went for a run. 
Once Summer woke up, we went to see Santa! She was VERY shy. We only managed to get the smallest smile when she was sitting with Santa.
When we got home... ONE OF THE STRANDS WAS OUT!  DANG IT!!! I will have to climb back up there and try fixing it today.
Here's the #CrewSC forecast for tonight! Dry, partly cloudy, chilly, light winds, GREAT playoff weather for a win! #SaveTheCrew 
Temperatures today will be about eight degrees cooler than yesterday, but still remaining nearly ten degrees above normal. So... enjoy our mild temperatures before colder air arrives. Passing early clouds for your Wednesday then some midday sun followed by more clouds this evening and tonight. Temps will top out in the mid 50s today and tomorrow, however rain returns tomorrow. Increasing clouds Thursday with some scattered afternoon rain showers. Temps cool off more for Friday and the weekend, highs in the upper 40s, with a mix of sun and clouds.
A much colder push of air is looking more likely for the second half of next week. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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