Monday, November 20, 2017

Back on the farm for the weekend, Thanksgiving forecast

We went back to the family farm for the weekend because Summer will be staying there the next couple days. Saturday was wet and windy and I went for a run.  First three miles against the wind then the second three miles with the 30mph winds at my back.  I was FLYING for the second half of the run.  The light rain stung my face during the run, but glad I got out and braved the elements while Summer was napping.
Sunday we went up to visit my Grandma Jean.  She kept feeding Summer popcorn until I had to be the bad guy and said no more.  
My brother was visiting too and my parents do not let pets inside, but he twisted their arm and said as long as the dog stays inside the crate while inside then they were fine with the dog.  We spent a lot of time outside with Lola.  Summer knew it was time for a nap so she tried laying down on the couch, but I made her head back to the bedroom after I took my bags out to the car.

I sat her down and told her she had to listen to grandma and grandpa.  She said "Dad, *mumbling for about 60 seconds*." Then I told her again she had to listen to grandma and grandpa.  She then hugged me for about 30 seconds and didn't want to let go.  It broke my heart, but I know she is going to have a blast. It's crazy how big she is getting and understanding everything, including non-verbal cues.
Bundle up for your Monday morning with temps dipping into the 20s, however lots of sun today will help warm us into the mid 40s. There will be a brisk breeze out of the southwest today making it feel cooler. Clear and chilly tonight followed by more sun to start Tuesday. We warm to 50 tomorrow then more clouds later in the day with some evening/overnight rain showers transitioning to some pockets of brief snow before dry, cold air races in.
Chilly for Wednesday and Thursday, however dry for any holiday traveling. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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