Monday, November 7, 2016

Warm start to November, OSU tailgating, fall gardening

Last week I tried soaking up as much of the fall warmth as possible.  I mowed... and likely will need to do again with the grass still so green.  While Summer napped I enjoyed a beverage on the patio while reading.
 And we even had dinner on the patio!
Saturday we had family in town for a big tailgate. 
Summer loved running around our cousin's RV, but I had to take her on a long walk to try to get her to nap.
It was a very long walk...
But she didn't want to sleep... she loved watching all the geese along the river for our three mile walk.
I did make a good friend while tailgating.
So we had a little frost over the weekend, but take a look at the sun coming up the side of the house and warming up the garden first thing in the morning.
That has allowed me to continue harvesting vegetables well into November.
Yesterday was laundry day and Summer kept bringing me my shirt until I put it on her. 
Early patchy fog and frost for Monday morning followed by lots of sun through the afternoon with mild temps. Dry and mostly clear tonight followed by increasing clouds through the day for Election Day. We will stay dry most of the day Tuesday, but some late evening rain showers are expected with a cold front coming through. Cooler temps return for the second half of the week and only a slight chance of a shower on Friday. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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