Friday, November 18, 2016

Busy week with warm temps, but snow on the way

With our temperatures so warm this week, I could not pass up the chance to get the Christmas lights up on the house.  I have put them up before with coat and gloves and I figured I would pass on that... this time. Anyway... the outside lights are up!  I have another strand I might put on the bushes in front of the windows, but for now... no more ladders needed.
I also have taken advantage of the warm temps with some running.  I don't have an upcoming run until next April, so it is only pleasure running now.  I want to stay in shape so when I start training I can roll right into the thick of it.
It will be a beautiful November day today. I hope you can enjoy it because we will be twenty degrees above normal, but winter will be returning this weekend. Lots of sun and low 70s today with winds starting to pick up. Clouds roll in late tonight and rain likely by daybreak Saturday with strong winds. Temps fall through the day on Saturday and staying windy. Rain will be likely in the early morning hours then dry most of the middle part of the day with some flurries or light snow showers for the afternoon and evening. Windy and flurries for Saturday night and early Sunday then clouds starting to break up by the afternoon Sunday and staying chilly. More sun and cool temperatures early next week. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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