Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Summer's first Trick or Treat

Yesterday was cramming day.  Summer was cramming on how to pretend to be Snow White.  We watched a little bit of the movie and she was glued to the TV.
And she was an adorable Snow White last night.  A little apprehensive about going up to strangers and taking candy from them, but she finally warmed up by the end of the night and at least would put the candy in her pumpkin.
Once we got home she was very happy to sit on the steps with all the candy.
And she learned the dangers of eating chocolate... M&Ms more specifically.  She had one and wanted another, and another, and another.  She actually started going to our bowl of candy to hand out to the kids and was taking the M&Ms and running one pack at a time back to Dawn.  It was adorable. 
Dawn and Summer loved waving at all the kids.  Summer would hand them candy then wouldn't wave until they were about thirty feet away.  
A big push of warm air for the first couple days of November. Forecasted highs of 78 for today and Wednesday will give our record high temperatures a run for their money. The record high today is 80 set in 1950 and the record high for tomorrow is 79, set in 1987. A mix of sun and clouds today and Wednesday then more clouds Wednesday night ahead of rain on Thursday. Showers likely and a few storms possible on Thursday as a cold front moves through. Cooler and dry for the weekend. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

I also forgot to post this photo from last week... Dawn and Summer were out of town one day last week and I went on a 90 mile ride to check out the fall foliage and this was at Alum Creek.

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