Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Final family photo, my legs are shaved, & more storms

I am scheduled for 13 hour days this week, but there are a couple hours that I am "free" for the split shift, so I run home and go for a run.  Summer LOVED riding in the stroller and was happily screaming for the first half a mile yesterday. 

All of my siblings went home last night to surprise my parents and visit with them one final time before Marcus left for Europe for a year.  It was raining when we took the photo, but we knew the photo would be the best outside with natural light.
I got home and had to shave my legs... It's for a special segment on Good Day Columbus this morning.  I have been running a lot lately and my legs are definitely feeling it.  A lot of Olympic athletes are getting cupping procedures to help with recovery, so we are going to try it out on the morning show today.  Dawn said I am crazy and that it looked like it hurt a lot on Amazing Race.  HAHA!  So it should be a fun segment. 
More scattered showers and storms this morning and even more later today. 
More showers and storms for today, including some morning isolated showers and storms. Today's storms will not be fast moving, so localized flooding is possible with some of the heavy downpours. The chance of rain drops a little Thursday and Friday with isolated showers and storms, but more rain expected for Saturday and Sunday. High temperatures stay near 90 through the weekend with high humidity as well. Stay dry, cool, and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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