Monday, August 8, 2016

Emmy's, Summer stays at the Farm, rain on the way

Dawn and I spent Saturday and Sunday in Lawrenceburg, Indiana for the Ohio Valley Emmy's on Saturday night.  I went for a couple runs along the river.  Really nice riverfront!
Check out my smoking hot date!
And Social Buzz with Buck did win the Interactivity category!  Super exciting!
Summer spent the weekend with Grandma and Grandpa on the family farm.  They did their best to brainwash Summer into going to Disney World every year.   Summer just likes books and I think the joke was on them.
The also found out how much she likes tissue boxes.  Apparently that will be here new Christmas gift
So this happened last night.  It was fine when I was watering the garden, but it snapped sometime before I went to bed.  Soooo... I have a busy afternoon ahead.
Dunno if the dry weather had anything to do with it, but we NEED rain.
Keep your eye to the sky for the Perseid Meteor Shower later this week!
A very warm, but dry start to the week.  Some early clouds Monday then mostly sunny by the afternoon.  Staying dry and warm overnight before rain is back in the forecast. Tuesday will be dry during the morning and early part of the afternoon, but scattered showers and storms likely in the late afternoon and evening. More scattered showers and storms for the week ahead with heavy downpours possible.  Highs near 90 through the week and muggy as well. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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