Thursday, June 9, 2016

How many babies can I hold at once?

It was a gorgeous week with cooler weather.  I love getting out and about shooting my stories when the humidity is low.  Columbus was looking gorgeous as well.
We try to limit Summer's screen time, but she will be joining me on Good Day Columbus this morning to demo learning apps. They are more for elementary students, but a few toddlers too.
Yesterday my nephews came over and I watched them for a few hours.  It had my hands full with the three of them, but it was a LOT of fun.  Anderson, the 3.5 year old, is REALLY good at baseball.  
How about these temperatures!?!  It is June 9th and only 13° above freezing in Caldwell!
Enjoy our final dry, cool June day before the heat, humidity, and rain are back. Increasing clouds today with rain arriving late this evening and overnight. Scattered showers and storms for Friday with the humidity returning as well. Very warm and humid on Saturday and rain possible later in the day, especially in the evening. Temps stay warm for Sunday, but humidity a little lower and lower chance of daytime rain. We stay in the 80s after today through the rest of the extended forecast. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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