Monday, May 2, 2016

Fun relaxing weekend & motorcycle storm chasing

This was our first time at Starliner Diner.  We went Saturday morning and it was GREAT!  I don't know how we have never been there!  We spent the rest of the day running a couple of errands then relaxing.
Sunday Dawn and Summer went back to Cleveland for a bridal shower, so I went for a motorcycle ride up to Powell for the Street Market. 

Found a nice spot in front of the police station.  But then I noticed a storm a few miles north, so I figured... when in Rome.
I stayed south of the storm itself, but above you can see the rotation higher up in the storm with green and red showing the different wind directions. 
There was VERY little lightning, but I had a GREAT vantage-point to watch the storm. You can see the wall cloud, but no visible rotation that low.  There was a brief 30 seconds of rain that wrapped around. 
So I moved the bike.  I only had to go a tenth of a mile down the road and back on dry pavement.  
I also made a huge skillet of omelets yesterday, so that means I have breakfast made for a few days this week.  Gotta get that morning protein.
Storms are moving out for the start of the workweek. Just a slight chance for an isolated rain shower for the afternoon today and a spotty shower possible overnight into Tuesday. Most of Central Ohio will be staying dry. Temperatures will be mild with highs in the 60s. The best chance of rain this week will be the second half of Wednesday with scattered showers and a few storms. Dry for week's end then warming up for the weekend. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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