Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween, Kent State Visit, & Indian Summer coming

Summer liked handing out the candy from inside the house at grandma and grandpa's house.
She made a stink eye about handing out the candy from outside last Thursday.
Friday we had a Halloween show on Good Day Columbus.  It was awesome!  We had some fantastic makeup done by Aftershock Art.
Here is a look at our pumpkins lit up.
We had a LOT of rain last week.  We had 2.85" of rain at our house.
Which gave us something to talk about during my school talk at Parsons Elementary last week. 
Luckily the rain cleared out in time for me to do Buck To The Rescue in Prospect Ohio.  I helped a lady put away all the patio furniture.  What normally took the homeowner a day to do... We got it done in about an hour.  I love this new campaign and helping people out.
We went up to Kent State over the weekend to visit my sister, Amanda.  It was my first time to the campus and it was really pretty.  She took us around campus and showed us the fashion school.
So was the sunset last night!
This morning we are tracking some dense fog. 
Starting off November with temperatures over ten degrees above normal with at least a few days over 70°. Mostly sunny for Monday with a few clouds through the midweek mixing with the sun. Rain returns by Friday with a strong cold front. Our high temps will jump down into the 50s for the weekend, so enjoy the mild temperatures while they are here! Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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