Friday, November 6, 2015

Free Hugs, School Talk, Browns, Buck To The Rescue, Cool Down

So this onesie seems to never get small... or we just put it on Summer after birth when it was too big for her.  But look at the change in the last 4.5 months.  She is getting so big... and fussy.  To be expected, I guess.
I had a school talk this week in Lancaster. 225 minds trying to learn some weather facts before lunch arrived. 
We had a little fun on the morning show with the Browns - Bengals game.  I knew the Browns would lose, but I kept a slim sliver of hope.
Yesterday's Buck to The Rescue was my favorite yet.  Akila is only 4'7" and I was happy to help with the "tall order" of items she needed help with around the house.
How about this photo of my backyard. I wish it looked like this all the time!
A cold front will be bringing scattered showers and storms for the first half of Friday for Central Ohio. We dry out for the afternoon, but stay windy & mild. Temperatures fall quickly overnight and we stay chilly for the entire weekend. A few clouds Saturday with more sun Sunday. Sunday's morning temperatures near or below freezing. More rain returns for the middle of next week, but staying dry from midday today until then. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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