Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The first week of Summer...

Sure the calendar says that the first week of summer is a week away, but Summer's first week has been quite a fun trip.  Figured I would do a little update while Summer is getting lunch.  In case you missed my last entry, here it is.
It seems like it was only hours ago that Dawn and I were sharing sugar free popsicles at Riverside Hospital.  Despite the lack of sleep and going over 36 hours without eating, Dawn was a champ and switched into the zone and brought our little Summer Rain into the world. 
One of the happiest moments in my life...
Grandparents are very excited as well...
And the gifts from family and friends were beyond thoughtful.  Our freezer is still full of meals and house still smells of flowers.  Again, thanks to everyone!

So precious.
Look at those toes!!!  She got my super long toes.  Her legs, hands, and feet are pretty big... hope that's ok Summer.  You got your mom's nose, but you got a lot of my traits too.
Alright... we DID finally head home.  And yes... we are sleep deprived.  Buckeye did awesome!  He did a lot of smelling, but has been fine with the crying and has only barked once, the first time Summer started crying.
Summer Dawn... (Get it?) ;)
We keep joking about how big Summer's hands are so we started working on her ball handling skills.  She was worn out from practicing so much.
The first bath went awesome.  A lot of holding her breath when we were pouring water over the top of her head, but she was a champ. 
I have to be honest... most of these photos were taken my Grandma Mary... I have taken a few myself, but Grandma hasn't stopped taking photos.  Grandma is going to need a spare hard drive to hold all the photos.
You know what a summer rain brings?  A rainbow... and with all the rain the last few days, we finally had a rainbow last night.  All the other rains had clouds move in and no sun hitting the rain at the perfect angle, so we had to go snap a photo last night for Summer's first rainbow.

I still have one more week at home before returning to work, and I am trying to enjoy every minute of my time at home with my ladies.  It has been really nice to unplug and just enjoy these precious moments.  See you all next week back on TV, but back to being daddy now.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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