Sunday, March 22, 2015

Nursery painted, motorcycle LIVE vehicle, spring here... snow coming?

I can't thank my sister enough for the work she did on painting the nursery.  It is truly one-of-a-kind nursery now with an amazing mural of Winnie The Pooh and the gang trying to rescue a pot of HUNNY.  It took two weekends, but I am not sure how we will ever be able to leave this room if and whenever we sell the house.
So I had an active week at work.  Since we warmed up to 69° on Monday I wanted to do some sort of motorcycle related story... other than the typical motorcycle safety story.  Sooo...
I hooked a LiveU unit up to my motorcycle. 
And went LIVE riding around Columbus on my motorcycle.  Yea, I love my job!
Bill Kelly called off sick on St. Patty's Day... Yea, a Kelly sick on St. Patty's Day... either way, I wore green for one of the forecasts...
Buckeye got his shots up to date this week so he could get a haircut... and he needs a haircut pretty bad. 
Oh, and spring came this week!
Which means time to visit the home improvement stores.  I spent over three hours at Home Depot rounding up everything on my list for my bathroom remodel.  That starts this week with the demolition... Can't wait!!!  (Seriously... it is all I can do to not start tearing apart the bathroom)  I will be sure to do a before and after picture.
I am just the messenger with the weather... but yes, we are looking at some quick rain/snow showers tomorrow.  A lot will come down to timing and temperature.  But the models are pretty much agreeing the some very fast moving snow showers are possible, if not likely, Monday afternoon for Central Ohio. We then warm up Tuesday with some late-day rain and a chance of thunderstorms on Wednesday & Thursday.  Temps fall fast late Thursday and we could see some flurries heading into Friday. Soooo... is it REALLY Spring yet?  HAHA! Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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