Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Checking in...

Hello! It has been a while. A lot going on over the summer. We had the funeral for my grandmother in July and that was a whirlwind of events. Then a couple days later we had scheduled to leave for Michigan for a family vacation. It was a lot of fun spending time with the kids fishing in the mornings.
We had a great time in Southwestern Michigan. We did some dune riding and spent lots of time at the beach in Grand Haven. Such a great place to take a family vacation.

The garden has been doing pretty well! We made some salsa again this year, but the tomatoes have slowed down their turn from green to red. Lots of green tomatoes right now. 
We spent Labor Day in Cleveland to visit Dawn's family. We also went downtown to watch part of the air show. Such a great show and we really enjoyed the Blue Angels flight. 
Fall and early winter is normally one of the busiest times for Balm By Buck. I realized yesterday that I never actually wrote a mission statement. I always knew why I wanted to make the product. Now I use this product for so many things. At first it was just to style my hair each morning. But then I found out that it works great as a barrier for my skin & face on really windy, cold winter days to keep my skin from drying out. It also works great as an anti-chafe barrier to avoid hot spots and blisters when I am doing really long runs. 
We have a beautiful stretch of weather on the way! Today we have a couple pockets of fog, but we will become mostly sunny this afternoon with high temps in the upper 70s. There may be a stray shower, but most of us will remain dry until late Saturday. So a very pleasant afternoon today. Cool and mostly clear tonight with low temps in the upper 50s. Mostly sunny for Thursday and Friday with highs in the lower 80s. Cool mornings then warm afternoons with low humidity. Enjoy the warm sun! Saturday we will see more clouds and high temps around 80. Some isolated showers and storms later in the day possible. More scattered showers and storms on Sunday and Monday with high temps dipping back into the 70s. Some of the rain may linger into Tuesday, but the bulk of the rain will likely be Sunday into Monday. High temps likely staying in the 70s through the end of next week. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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