Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Let's kick off 2022 with some snow!

Good morning! Spent the weekend in the Cleveland area to celebrate Christmas with my wife's family.  The city center in Strongsville is a tradition to see all of their light displays.  Their wrapped trees had to require hours of work and so much patience. Mad respect! We all were in bed before the ball dropped Friday night. HAHA!
I ran out of my hair balm right on the near year so I can do an experiment on how long it will last me. My guess is at least 3 months. 
We will see a few passing clouds today, but still lots of sun. We are starting off with temps in the lower 20s with frost, but the sun and a light breeze out of the south will help warm us into the lower 40s. More clouds tonight and overnight lows in the mid 30s with winds picking up, out of the south. 
A cold front will swing through Wednesday and it will cause our winds to be brisk out of the southwest 15-25 mph with gusts 30+. A stray light shower possible Wednesday and temps will be right near the rain/snow threshold.
Thursday will be cold & mostly cloudy and then snow showers possible during the afternoon, evening, and overnight. The system is still more than a thousand miles away. The track can slightly adjust coming over the Rockies and that will not occur until midday Wednesday. The track of the system looks to bring more snow for Southern/Southeastern Ohio. 
Right now it looks like areas in Southern Ohio could see a couple inches of snow, or more. We will dive more into the projected snowfall totals as the storm gets closer. Snow kicks out by daybreak on Friday. It will be cold for the end of the week with highs in the mid 20s on Thursday and lower 20s on Friday. Partly cloudy on Friday. Temps warm up into the mid 30s on Saturday with partly cloudy skies. More clouds on Sunday with highs in the mid 40s. We will see rain showers on Sunday. Colder air rolls back in on Monday.
So far, Columbus has picked up 1.1" of snow since Summer. That is about 6" behind normal, but there is plenty of winter left. This graphic shows the snowfall totals over the last 12 years. As mentioned... plenty of winter left to go! Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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