Monday, December 16, 2019

Winter Wonderland, my accident, and Christmas forecast...

What a breath of fresh air to wake up and see a blanket of snow this morning!  The kids loved it, but I was at work.  So glad Dawn snapped this photo. Evan was obviously standing on something. Hope there is some snow left later so I can play in it with the kids.  We have a busy day of preschool, allergy shots, and other errands.
I took Friday off of work to attend Summer's preschool Christmas program.  I got in my long weekend run on Friday morning and left the house around 5AM to be done when the kids woke up around 7:20. 
Then a quick shower, breakfast at Bob Evans, then off to the Christmas program. Very cute performance!
Evan loved the show too and he danced along with them for some of the songs.
I taught Evan how to cheers with drinks this weekend too.  So he LOVES to grab his water and cheers with you now.
We drove around the area to check out some of the holiday lights.  This one was VERY impressive in Delaware County and worth the drive.
I also spent the weekend labeling my lip balms.  I made another 200 vanillas and I will be finishing another 250 mint balms soon too. Free lip balms, for the next week, with each $10 order on
I don't know why, but I LOVE brushing the kids' teeth.  Summer has been trying to do it herself more and more, but I still help make sure they are good and clean. Evan also does a great job.
"Accident" sounds worse than what happened, but that's the best word I could describe Sunday morning... I went for a run early Sunday morning and I tripped on the sidewalk because one was sticking up higher than the others.  I was wearing my thick winter gloves and very glad I had them.  They got scraped up pretty bad and that stopped a lot of my forward momentum, but I still hit the ground hard and I landed on my side.  So my body's weight fell mainly on my ribs.  Still pretty tender today, so taking a bit of a break from running for a couple days.  The soil is freezing so the uneven sidewalks are becoming more pronounced as the soil expands.  Dang sidewalks! I also will add, I did pop back up and run another three miles after I fell. So nothing too serious.
Overnight snow is leaving Central Ohio with some slushy roads for your Monday morning commute.  Temps will start in the lower 30s and warm into the mid-upper 30s today so the snow will continue to melt and stay slushy with cloudy skies.
By the afternoon a second wave of moisture will move into the region. Temps will be warmer so the southern half of Ohio will likely stay rain for the afternoon and early evening and the northern and northwestern part of Ohio will stay cold enough for snow showers. The transition line between the snow and rain will be an area of ice with freezing rain and sleet possible. This ice line will be setting up in a diagonal line from Dayton to Columbus to Cleveland.
This is liquid moisture forecast.  Areas to the north and northwest will stay mainly snow, so you can ignore those numbers. 
As we head into the overnight hours temps will fall and the rain/ice/snow line will start drifting farther south and we transition over to mostly snow for Central Ohio. Areas that stay all snow to the north/west will see 1"-3" of snow. Icy areas could see a thin glaze of ice then some light snow. Mostly rain to the south and east then brief ice followed by light snow. Breezy tonight heading into tomorrow. The snow will start to move out by midday Tuesday then much quieter for the rest of the week. A few flurries possible late Tuesday into Wednesday.
Much colder Wednesday with highs in the upper 20s and overnight lows in the teens. More sun for later this week as highs climb back to around 40 for the weekend. 
A few flurries possible Wednesday and sprinkles/flurries Saturday, otherwise a mix of sun & clouds for the weekend. So our odds of having a White Christmas is pretty slim right now because we will slowly be melting the snow in the afternoons this weekend and early next week.  But that means better travel weather.  Glass half full... Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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  1. I love your positive, active lifestyle, Buck! The "frost heave" that happens to sidewalk sections, is something to watch out for! Very thankful that you're all right and that your gloves took the brunt of the fall (okay, and your ribs, too, but they'll heal soon!). God bless you and your family and Merry Christmas!


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