Thursday, November 28, 2019

Friendsgiving, black raspberry cobbler, helicopters, night runs

First off, Happy Thanksgiving!  I got out for an early morning run today.  Totally overdressed, but with the winds 20-30 mph this morning I figured I would have felt colder.  I have been battling a cold and I feel fantastic, but my voice has sounded not so fantastic.  So I went for a run to hopefully break things up some and power through it. 
We had a Friendsgiving with some of Summer's preschool friends and I made a black raspberry cobbler.  I have just a couple bags of the berries left from the family farm.  Little known fact: we had a sizeable black raspberry farm as kids.  Lots of the work was done as a family and we used the money for family vacation.  
Still needed a little more time... But MAN was it delicious! 
We also put up our Christmas tree.  I told Summer that we could put it up if the living room was clean.  Every year it is the fastest cleaning job you can watch.  Amazing! 
So when I was in college I worked at the Holiday Inn on Lane Avenue.  Some of you may remember it for Hineygate.  It was the HUGE tailgate that the hotel would throw for the home Buckeye football games.  One of our security guards is now the Lieutenant and Unit Commander for the Columbus Police helicopters.  I had not seen Jack since my time at the hotel until we had a 10 year reunion of when the hotel closed and was sold to Ohio State for dorms. We currently live in the flight path of the helicopters  Jack invited me out to the helipad to show the kids helicopters.  We live in the flight path of the helicopters and when they turn around and head back into the city Summer always runs to the window to watch them. We got an awesome tour.  Summer was very shy and nervous at first.  She got to sit in the cockpit of one in the hanger to see how they fly them.  Here is Jack showing here all what all the instruments show for the pilots.
We got to watch them change shifts in the air so one would take off and the next one would land so they are always in the air.  If there was an emergency then they would not be able to get to the scene fast enough if they tried to power up and go, so they are always up when conditions allow them to fly.
Evan went too and he liked watching them fly, but he didn't get quite as excited as Summer.  When we were driving home she said "Oh My Gosh, that was so cool. Day of fun!" HUGE thanks to Jack for inviting us out to check out the eyes in the sky.
Since we are in Thanksgiving it gives a great excuse to have some fun with augmented reality on Good Day Columbus.  Love the turkey dressed up accordingly to the conditions. Get it?
Much quieter weather for your traveling and shopping for Thanksgiving today and Black Friday tomorrow.  Clouds will be hard to part during the next couple of days, so the sunglasses may be needed from time to time, but mostly cloudy skies will dominate the sky.  Winds will be a little breezy early today and then become lighter through the day.  Highs in the mid-lower 40s today and mid 40s tomorrow with light winds for Friday.  Rain returns for Saturday.  Rain will be on and off through the day, but the majority of the day will be wet with a light breeze and highs in the mid 40s.  Rain will continue Saturday night and wrap up early Sunday.  The clouds will break a little midday Sunday then more wintry mix showers possible late Sunday and into Monday.  We will warm up a little midday Sunday, lower 50s, before the colder air pushes in quick for the evening Sunday.  Cooler next week.  Highs near 40 for most of next week with a slight chance of a light wintry mix Monday, dry Tuesday, and a few showers possible Wednesday.  Safe travels and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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