Monday, September 16, 2019

Preschool is back, so are the long runs... but not fall... yet...

This is the group of preschool moms that I hang out with while our kids get together to play and explore. Since I work so early I get to hang out with them at the zoo, COSI, splash pads, and parks. The moms wanted to do a fun photo of them celebrating and me holding the rest of the pre-preschool kids.  Love this group.
So hot last week with 4 days in the 90s, but thankfully it cooled off on Saturday.  I went running with the Columbus Westside Running Club and we logged a LOT of miles as a group.  I went out and did 20 miles Saturday morning and the sunrise was fantastic!  These miles were solo with no stroller, but I did take the kids out for the Tuesday group run. 5 weeks until the Columbus Marathon and 8 weeks until the Fuzzy Fandango.  I am doing the 50k for the Fuzzy because my New Year's Resolution was to run an ultra marathon(run longer than 26.2 marathon).  They have shorter distances as well and it is at Mohican State Park, which is gorgeous.  PLUS, all the money raised helps out a special needs summer camp for kids.  Very excited for that event.
We did 4 laps last Tuesday of the Westgate Park and then the kids were ready to head out for dinner and hang out.  Thankfully I was off work on Wednesday so it worked out well to stay up a little later.
Saturday night I camped out in the backyard with Summer.  It was a full moon too so we got her telescope to check out the moon.  It was a lot of fun hanging out in the tent and reading books.
My parents stopped by on Sunday while passing through town so Summer fired up her bubble maker and we hung out in the mild temps.  
We still have 7 days left of Summer and Summer is not letting go just yet. 
Our normal high is 77 today and the rest of the extended forecast will be six to nine degrees above normal.

Our weather for the workweek and coming weekend can be summed up as generally dry and warm.  We will see a slight chance for some spotty rain, but any rain over the next seven days looks light and spotty.  Today would be one of the days with a 20% chance of rain with a mix of sun & clouds.  We have a cold front moving through the area today and has triggered a couple spotty shower already and could do so through the afternoon.  So have the rain gear handy, but most of Central Ohio will stay dry, a little humid, and warm with highs in the mid 80s.  Partly cloudy tonight with lows in the lower 60s. The cold front will only slightly cool off our temperatures for the next couple days.  The cold front will drop the humidity, but temps only falling into the low-mid 80s for Tuesday and Wednesday.  Partly cloudy Tuesday then mostly sunny Wednesday. Our temps start climbing more for Thursday and Friday into the mid-upper 80s.  Mostly sunny Thursday then partly cloudy on Friday and a 20% chance for some spotty rain Friday. We keep the 20% chance of spotty rain on Saturday with temps in the upper 80s.  A 30% chance of rain Sunday and even a better chance for rain for the following Monday as another cold front will push through.  Our temps stay above normal for the next seven days then the cold front next Monday should drop our temps closer to normal, if not below normal.  So generally dry for the next 7 days and warm.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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