Friday, June 14, 2019

Summer's birthday, blown weed eater, weekend forecast...

Hard to believe that Summer was born 4 years ago.  We had a pretty good day with going to the movies to see Secret Life of Pets 2 then summer wanted cupcakes from the store so we got her that and some new books.
When we bought the house we paid an extra $50 for the mower and weed wacker (eater).  The mower lasted 4 years and this week the weed wacker bit the dust after 4.5 years.  I like those odds!  But my father's day gift was a new weed wacker.  
I love this photo so much.  It wraps up my life right now.  Anything Summer does, Evan is right there to watch.  He is becoming so mobile now and such a fun age.  He also has several teeth coming through so he has been a little opinionated with what he wants to eat.
Nice morning for a run.  I do enjoy the early morning runs before work, but waking up so early is a bit difficult.  Thankfully I have been offsetting the lack of sleep with naps while the kids take naps.
Leave the rain gear at home for one day and grab the sunglasses instead. Clouds have cleared out so we will see plenty of sunshine today with cool morning temps in the lower 50s then warming into the mid 70s. Get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather and if you need to work in the yard then today will be the best day to tackle that for a while. Clouds start moving back in overnight and temps cool down to the upper 50s.

 Mostly cloudy for Saturday and Sunday with showers and storms returning.  The chance of rain will increase through the day on Saturday, so spotty rain possible early in the day and more rain later, but still scattered.  More on and off showers and storms on Sunday thanks to a stationary front parked over Ohio.  Sunday will be the wettest day for us this weekend with the scattered showers and storms. 

Chance of severe weather is very low Saturday and then the Storm Prediction Center has almost all of Ohio in the Marginal Risk on Sunday for a couple isolated cells to become severe.  By Monday we will still have on and off showers and storms, but the rain starts to shift into Southern Ohio as the stationary front starts to shift south.
For any of my running peeps running the Mohican 100, 50, or marathon distance this weekend... Good Luck!  Might be some isolated and scattered storms especially later on Saturday. Tuesday and Wednesday will have some isolated rain, mainly south, as that stationary front shifts into Kentucky and to our south. A low pressure system swings through the Great Lakes on Thursday with an increased chance of rain.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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