Monday, June 3, 2019

Hello from a crazy week and weekend!

We have gotten a LOT of family time lately.  Last weekend was a good weekend for us around the area.  We had a graduation party in Dayton and then we had some good friends visiting for parts of the weekend.
Memorial Day brought warm temps, cool drinks, and good eats.  I went to bed early because I anticipated some storms and possibly needed to go into work early.
My wife woke me up to show me the radar and all the tornado warnings and I was out the door, FAST!  At any given time we had about 4 to 5 tornado warnings with each warning containing rotation. 
We were even able to pick up a couple debris balls on the radar.  You need a long-lived tornado to have the ability to pick up the debris flying through the air.  
Ohio ended up with 21 tornadoes that night, which is more than Ohio normally averages for the entire year.  There was one fatality in Celina where an EF3 picked up a car and tossed it into a home.  This situation could have been much worse due to the overnight storms.  Back to family time...
I have been working with Summer more and more on riding her bike.  She is getting better and better and I am excited for her new freedom and skill.  
This weekend my brother got married, so we all got together for that.  My sister was in the girls room getting ready, but here is a photo of my parents, brothers, and Summer.
Evan was back getting ready with Dawn.
Summer was a FANTASTIC flower girl.
My grandfather made the 5 hour trip and it was great seeing him.  We had such a great time.
Excited for the new couple!
Back to the grind now.  I woke up early to get a 5k in, before work.  I need to get back into the habit of more morning runs.  It gives me more time with the family during the day... to do stuff or nap when the kids nap.
We have some fantastic weather to start the workweek.  Comfortable temps today with plenty of sunshine and low humidity.  Highs in the upper 60s and about ten degrees cooler than normal.  We stay cool and mostly clear tonight with low temps in the lower 50s.  So open up the windows and enjoy the cool weather before you need to kick on the air conditioner later this week.

More sunshine to start Tuesday then more clouds through the afternoon. We have a slight chance to see some isolated rain later in the day with high temps in the mid 70s. Scattered showers and storms looking likely Wednesday with highs in the upper 70s and humidity rising. The newest forecast models are trending toward the rain staying more south on Thursday, so let's drop the chance of rain a little and also increase the temps to a high in the mid 80s. So a 70% chance of rain Wednesday and then a 40% chance of rain Thursday. More isolated and scattered showers and storms Friday and the weekend with highs near 80. Enjoy the sunshine and mild temps while they are here today and tomorrow! Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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