Thursday, April 4, 2019

Back from a trip to Florida

Morning!  I have been very busy lately.  I was prepping for a big talk at Ohio State for the Meteorology Club's 23rd Annual Severe Weather Symposium.  They asked for me to come back and talk about my journey around Ohio doing the weather.  Very honored to be asked to be part of this.
Then I had 2 hours until my plane took off for Florida.  My brother Clark wanted to do some fishing for his bachelor party so we went to Tampa. 
Fishing went pretty well for us.  This is Bryant and Clark.  It was nice to have the brother's together, but we missed Marcus, who is teaching English in Hong Kong.
The beach was relaxing and we had some good times hanging out and getting to know the rest of his bachelor party.
I also got a couple runs in while there as well.  Running on the beach some of the time really made my legs sore now.  I plan on getting out for a run today or tomorrow, but took some time off to recover.
It was so nice coming home to see the family.  Summer was VERY excited to see me and was yelling DADDY! at the airport. This photo is from last night...
One of Summer's friends has a dad who hooked us up with tickets to see Sesame Street LIVE.  It was a pretty good show and entertaining for the kids. 

I have also been working on rebuilding my garden beds, so I will have a step-by-step process for that in the coming days because I have had a few people ask how I do that without any screws or nails.
Hope you enjoyed the sunshine!  We will see a little sun at times today between breaks in the clouds, but clouds will be dominant today with some scattered rain showers.  Temps today will start in the lower 40s and we will warm into the upper 50s.  Rain today will be light and scattered, mainly north for the first part of the day and then our chance of rain will increase through the day and rain showers likely for most of the area overnight into Friday morning.  So a wet/damp Friday morning commute then the rain will move out midday and a drier afternoon commute with temps warming into the low 60s. A mix of sun & clouds Saturday with high temps reaching the mid-upper 60s.  Clouds will increase on Sunday and we will warm into the low-mid 70s.  A couple models are trying to bring in more rain my midday Sunday.  If that comes to fruition then we may not get quite that warm, but other models holding off on the rain until Sunday night into Monday.  We stay unsettled for the start of next week with on and off rain, so keep the rain gear handy.  Temps stay mild with highs in the 60s most of next week. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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