Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Well... That was weird.

So apparently my last post from a few days ago didn't actually post... so here goes again...
The rare warm February weather has been GREAT!  Summer and I have been out for runs on the trail and around the neighborhood. 
The downside has been the melting at the skiing destinations.  Dawn's boss needed to go to Pittsburgh to pick up a vehicle.  He was going to tow it back, but decided to make it a fun trip and asked if I wanted to join and go skiing before coming back.  The group's experience is WAY better than my experience.  Either way, we had a fun trip visiting Holiday Valley in New York.
Yea... Summer and I got to spend a lot of time together outside lately.  
On Friday I was asked to be a model for a charity fashion show to raise money for Girls on the Run at their Sneaker Soiree. 
So I dressed up for the start of the event, wearing my running shoes, then changed into my fashion clothes. Here is Dawn and me. We had a lot of fun.
The warm weather has also brought a lot of rain and made running fun. No running through the moving water, but this part of the trail was in between two wetlands and not moving.  GREAT way to wash off all the mud on my trail shoes. 
Grab the rain gear! River levels on their way below flood stage and should stay there with only light rain on the way for today. Today we are starting out a little milder. Spotty midday rain will become a little more widespread this afternoon and evening with scattered rain showers. Scattered rain will continue overnight and early Thursday. The cold front is looking to swing through a little earlier. This could trigger a few storms in the afternoon before the cold front swings through around the evening commute and temps will fall quickly late Thursday as winds pick up. With the cold front coming through earlier, a wintry mix is expected Thursday night with little to now snow accumulation. Most of the flurries will be out by daybreak Friday then colder and slowly clearing. Cooler and mostly sunny for the weekend then another round of rain returns later Monday into Tuesday.

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