Monday, December 18, 2017

Quality time with Summer & new studio

It has been nice to get a little taste of winter this week.  Summer kept saying she wanted to outside and I figured she would want to come back inside within a few minutes, but we spent about 30 minutes outside until I finally decided we needed to go warm up.
 But I still try to have fun inside.  I set up the tent for some fun times in the living room.
Saturday was our official start to the winter/spring training for Columbus Westside Running Club.  We did 6 miles and I am the 9 minute pacer for the group.  Super excited to take on the responsibility.
It was so warm this morning that I wore shorts for my morning run around the neighborhood before work.  It felt great! 
So I have to apologize for lack of posts recently.  We launched our new studio last week and it takes longer to build the graphics because we used to only use the green keywall for graphics.  Now we have vertical monitors and most of the forecasts are at giant video monitors now.  So I have been busy making new graphics for these new venues and it takes a lot more time producing each hit to tell the weather story.  Not only just what to show and tell you about, but having graphics proper for that venue. So extra workload for the first week meant that once we launched on Tuesday I have been focusing a lot more on on-air and didn't have 10 extra minutes for a post on here.  Hope that changes soon for more regular posts.
One graphic that I am particularly stoked about is our school closing map.  I was able to use it a couple times last week. 
It has been GREAT to show the trend of where the worst conditions are on the roads.  So far it has been working pretty flawlessly.  I am excited for a REALLY busy morning to make sure everything is working with all the coding that went into the graphic. It is also nice knowing that this is something that you cannot find on other channels.  
Mild temps sticking around for the week ahead. Today we will stay cloudy with drizzle and patchy fog with highs in the mid 40s. Clouds stick around tonight and slowly clear out through the day Tuesday. Warm on Tuesday with highs in the lower 50s then a dry cold front comes through later in the day and cooling us off for the middle of the week. Highs in the lower 40s Wednesday and partly cloudy then more sun Thursday and warming into the mid 40s. Clouds return Friday with rain, along with the 50s. Next weekend looks cool with spotty rain. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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