Monday, October 16, 2017

Gorgeous weekend for fall fun, warm Columbus Marathon

Saturday we went to Leed's Farm for some fall fun.  Summer loved playing in the corn and taking the hay ride. Beautiful day to spend time outside. 
The Columbus Marathon was yesterday.  It was very warm with temps in the upper 60s at the start and mid 70s by Noon with pretty high humidity. These two guys have been like brothers the last few months during training.  Maclin and I were planning on running the race together, but I couldn't go to the restroom before the race because of the lines, so I tried to run into a restroom at mile 2.  I think sped up to try to catch up and got about a hundred yards from him at mile 16.  I eventually started to fade from running too hard too early.  I am bummed about that I learned an important lesson... don't make up lost ground unless you are near the finish.  Big thanks for all the support, including my wife who normally doesn't do the driving around town, but managed to see me at five different spots on the course.
So I faded, but still finished.  I saw a lot of runners cramping up and some getting medic help along the course.  I want to do it again, but pace myself better and order some cooler temps! Big shout out to all of the Columbus Westside Runners Club finishers.
If only the run was today... MUCH cooler temps following the cold front that passed through yesterday.  Grab the jacket! 
Much cooler temperatures today with temps staying in the 40s and 50s all day long with a mix of sun & clouds and winds a little breezy. Clearing tonight and then sunshine sticking around through the week ahead with slowly warming temps. Highs back in the mid 70s by next weekend and rain holding off for the entire week ahead. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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