Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Time with friends & Summer... and deep thoughts

Hot temps last week meant play time in the water in the backyard.  We have a couple sprinklers, but Summer loves her water table.  She would fill up a bucket and pour it on the garden plants.
Saturday morning Summer and I went for a run.  This is a new record for longest stroller run.  The wind was against us at first and that stroller is like a sailboat.
We had some friends come up to visit on Saturday night.  We had a lot of fun.The other two guys are my good friends from high school
Sunday was a great day for grilling... with the exception for the wind.  We went to visit more friends back near Dayton and we could watch the airshow a couple miles away.
Lot of sun to start yesterday and I challenged myself by adding another camera to my augmented reality live shots.  The other big challenge is the sun and taking the reflector on the far left and aiming at the spot I will be standing and setting both cameras to the right lighting setting since I was shooting the video all by myself.
The Good Day Garden is doing FANTASTIC! Tomatoes are getting big and so are the two zucchini plants.  Hopefully the beans come up soon and are not destroyed by the geese.  I do not think we will be able to get cucumbers because they keep killing those.
I’ve done a lot of reflective thinking lately. Instead of spending spare time on two wheels, I’ve spent more of it on two tethers or in my two running shoes. I’ve toyed with the idea of selling my motorcycle. I’ve been very careful to observe the driving habits of other drivers and noticing more and more distracted drivers. Especially in urban traffic. It only takes one person not paying attention and that could end my life or someone else trying to enjoy a ride. So instead of getting a ride in lately, I take Summer for a run, spend as much time as I can with Dawn, and learning to relax. I’ve reflected on the health and blessings I have and those around me have. Laying in the hammock is one of my new “happy places.” Maybe it’s because I see Summer’s eyes light up when she watches me get it out of the closet to go hang up. Anyway… Look twice for those out on two wheels…motorcycle or bike. We live in a digital age and our attention span is so short today, but longer today than it will be tomorrow.
Lots of sun today with a few clouds and a very, very slight chance of rain popping up later today, but most of Central Ohio will likely stay dry. More clear skies tonight and tomorrow with clouds building later in the day with warmer temps. Continuing to warm with some isolated showers and storms possible Thursday and Friday with a better chance of rain on Saturday. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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