Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Griggs Reservoir & rain is back

I did five miles of hill repeats yesterday at Griggs Reservoir.  It was up and down 18 times which was just shy of 900 feet in elevation climb.  I feel pretty good about that because the Youngstown Marathon is about a 1300 foot change over the 26 miles.  There are a couple of bigger hills otherwise a lot of smaller ones.
Up down, up down, up down... It is almost more of a mental challenge than physical.  Who am I kidding... yes your legs will burn from a fire that only a Greek God can conjure. 
On and of rain for today with more steady rain across Southwestern Ohio... and the next couple days. Central Ohio will see a few afternoon showers and cool temps. Northeastern Ohio will see drier weather and some breaks of sun.
Rain tapers down tonight with just a few lingering showers across Southwestern Ohio. Partly cloudy and warmer on Wednesday then more building showers and even a few storms later in the day, mainly southwestern Ohio. Scattered showers and a few storms possible for Thursday. Spotty rain possible Friday, Saturday, and Mother's Day and staying mild. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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