Monday, April 10, 2017

Summer's Ready, Set, Go AND a FANTASTIC weekend!

This video is from Friday. Last fall when I started running, I would occasionally push Summer in the stroller. I was out of shape and would get winded and had to start walking. Well I would always say “Ready, Set, Go!” then start running again. She wasn’t talking much yet but would giggle and go WEEEEEE! I kept doing it the sat several months when we would do family walks around the neighborhood or even with a shopping cart at the grocery and then take off. Now, anytime I use the word “Ready” in a sentence she will say “Set, Go!” The coolest thing is that she has a hard time saying any words with an S at the beginning. It’s been hard for her to transition from the s sound to another sound, but by doing this it’s definitely helped her expand to more words than Set. Kids are so dang cool.
Saturday morning we went to the Columbus Zoo and had a fantastic time!
The elephants are always a big hit.  We went to Costco afterward and Summer slept with her head on my shoulder and Dawn took a FANTASTIC photo of it.  We bought Summer a plastic lawn mower and she pushed it around the backyard when we got home while I mowed too.  
Sunday morning I went out for a fifteen mile run and the weather was fantastic.  I love running before the sunrise and watching the sun come up and the sky come alive.
Then, after a big breakfast, Summer and I started assembling the new swing set.  Dawn was doing spring cleaning and the house looks fantastic.
Eventually it became too hot for the shirt... WATCH OUT!!!  I worked for 6 hours yesterday and I am about 60% complete.  There is SO MUCH to assemble, but at least it should stand the test of time.  
Another very warm day for April today with highs in the upper 70s. Central Ohio will see a mix of sun & clouds with breezy winds today then storms arriving later tonight. Scattered showers and storms tonight & Tuesday and staying mild. Sun returns by Wednesday with mild temps and we stay dry until Easter weekend. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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