Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Friendly geese, running, storms coming

The geese around Columbus are VERY friendly.  People must feed them a LOT of bread.  These geese helped me with my augmented reality weather yesterday. 

I remember reading from a local runner about keeping her chest back and head up when doing hills. EVERY hill I come to I think ABLU Always Be Looking Up ABLU Always Be Looking Up ABLU. Then I think… AB LU. Not a very fun sounding acronym. Sounds more like a baby’s coo. Which rhymes with ABLU. And by the time I realize it… I’m at the top.
Yesterday I took my pain in waves. 5 miles of hill repeats next to the dam since it’s the tallest hill I can find in a 15 minute drive. The next couple days will be SLOW and steady. I’m doing 6 today then 4 Thursday for a mini taper before the Cap City Half on Saturday. I’ve been on the fence about how hard to push myself. I think I could try to get 1:50 if I push myself, but I don’t want to trash my body or get injured before the Full in 5 weeks. So my A++ goal is 1:50 and my A+ goal is 1:55. I need to keep in mind this isn’t the end goal and this is just a training run. Although I kinda wish I was watching it since it is the USATF Half Marathon Championship.
Today is expected to be the warmest day of 2017 so far! Lots of sun today and a light breeze out of the southeast as our temps climb into the mid 80s. Increasing clouds tonight with scattered showers and storms, mainly midday Thursday. Central Ohio is in the Marginal Risk for severe storms, so a few isolated severe storms are possible.
Temps in the 70s Thursday and Friday. Just a slight chance for rain Friday, however the weekend will bring on and off scattered showers & storms. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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