Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Long weekend run & warmer temps coming... kinda.

I continue ramping up my long weekend runs and I was up visiting my in-laws this weekend.  Which was good because it is hillier where they live.
A couple of the hills were VERY challenging and it just reaffirmed that I need to do more hill training and I think I found the perfect spot near Griggs Reservoir. 
But had a pretty successful run and did it all at race pace.  I will be pacing myself a little slower for the longer weekend runs soon to make sure I am sustaining a consistent pace for the entire long runs.
Yesterday I was out doing LIVE shots in the rain and my dress shoes showed their age because I wore the sole down so much that there were small holes and water was coming through... UH OH!
The rain stopped briefly for me to replant some grass seed where I cut down a tree last fall.  The soil is not as good in that area so I brought over some from the garden.  Nice dark, nutrient rich soil now and still have plenty to spare in the garden.
Cool with patchy fog to start your Tuesday morning. Clouds will clear out some this afternoon with highs reaching the mid 50s. A few more clouds this evening with a cold front and then colder air rushes in tonight with windy conditions and below freezing temps for Wednesday morning. Mostly sunny & cool on Wednesday then building clouds and climbing temps heading into the weekend. A slight chance to see a spotty shower early Friday morning then some scattered storms later Saturday and Sunday with highs back in the 60s. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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