Friday, March 10, 2017

Annual trip to Hocking Hills... SO many changes

You may remember this photo from last year.  Summer was not yet crawling, but we went down to Hocking Hills for a secluded trail and a 100 foot waterfall.  She is still about 40 yards away from the waterfall.  (You can click the images to make them larger)
Well we went back yesterday and there were some changes.  The tree that was next to where she was sitting is gone... or knocked over.  It was one year and one day later.
Here's a better photo of the changes over the last year.  Man... what a year it has been!
We warmed into the low 60s yesterday and it was a fantastic day to explore nature.  I have been trying to spend as much time with her outside as possible because she is very curious and a tad noisy for Dawn working from home.  
Wednesday we went for a five mile run... another beautiful day, BUT very windy.  The wind gusts were 49 mph at the airport while we were running.  It was like pushing a sailboat at times, but she was going WHEEEEE most of the time. 
Some early morning snow showers and wintry mix then partly cloudy & colder for today. A few lake effect snow showers are possible, mainly to the north, through the day. Clearing tonight and frigid by Saturday morning. A mix of sun and clouds for the weekend and staying cold. Monday a wintry mix moves in late then scattered snow showers on Tuesday. Have a good one!
Andrew Buck Michael

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