Monday, October 17, 2016

Football, my first half marathon, & record temps coming

Dawn's cousin's football team from Cleveland was in town this weekend playing a team from Cincinnati, St. Ignatius vs. Moler.  Friday night we watched one cousin play in the JV game and then the freshman team played on Saturday morning.  It was a lot of sun and Summer loved it. 
Saturday afternoon I got all my race gear ready to go for the Columbus half marathon.
Well… my first half marathon is under my belt. I am going to lose a couple toenails and have a handful of blisters and wouldn’t change any minute of it. Traffic was a cluster getting into downtown and we ended up letting my cousin’s boyfriend take the car to park. I ran along with two cousins and one aunt.

As we got into the corrals and started moving forward after the start I saw the doctor(medical director for the marathon) that helped me with my stress fracture/glutes issues. He fist bumped me a hundred yards from the start and said “Have fun out there today.” That totally pumped me up.
I ran steady for the first 4 miles. Saw another aunt and uncle, then my brother and the husband for the aunt running, then I was keeping my 9 minute pace a while. All of a sudden I saw my wife, daughter, and two friends about a mile before the spot they said they would be. I ran by and gave them all high fives. Summer, my daughter, looked at me like What the heck is he doing?! She was adorable with her sign for me.
I tried to find other runners to pace myself and around mile 4 I started to feel some pain. I walked and used some numbing gel on my gluteus and hips. It took another mile of running before I felt the chilling numb. At this point I was walking every mile, per docs orders, to see how I felt and not over-do-it. Once I rounded the Children’s Hospital and saw the kids outside their rooms along the route… that did it! I was determined.
I saw a director from the station and he snapped some GREAT photos. I had about three miles left. 

I started to feel a lack of endurance after taking the last 3 weeks easier than my training plan. But I kept pushing on. Walked a little and found someone to keep pace with for another mile or so.
I never got to see my grandpa and I looked for him everywhere. My mom surprised me and took a photo of me about 200 yards from the finish.
2:01:35. My goal was 2 hours before I was injured. I’m very happy with that, but would LOVE to re-run it. I coulda got under 2. I know I coulda pushed harder. Next year. 
Oh… and I got to ring the PR gong! 
Thanks for all the support today on the course, and over the last couple months on Tumblr. I’ve never done a half before, but I think I want to break 2 then go for a full… maybe. I turned to head to the finish and I thought “How the HELL are some of these people doing another 13 miles?!?!”
Here are some of the signs that helped push me on...
But I finished and so grateful for all the support. Summer was very happy to see me at breakfast following the race.  On another note. Start to finish of my training and run… down 15 pounds(and that’s after a gallon of water and HUGE post race breakfast.)
Staying warm and windy for the start of the week followed by rain on the way.  Strong winds out of the southwest, 15-25 MPH with gusts 30+ MPH, for Monday and Tuesday will be pumping in near record temperatures.  The record high temperature is 83° Monday and Tuesday.  We will see a mix of sun and clouds Monday and Tuesday then some rain returning late Tuesday and continuing on and off Wednesday and Thursday.  Rain starts leaving early Friday followed by cooler temps and more sun heading into next weekend.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael


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