Monday, October 5, 2015

55th Wedding Anniversary, Cross County, & Fall-like Weather

GOOD MONDAY MORNING!  With a smile like that... how can you start your week off on a bad note?  Notice the drool... no teeth yet, but we feel it is getting close. 
Thursday night we went down to Cincinnati for my grandparents' 55th wedding anniversary.   They didn't understand a selfie, but had a lot of fun.
Almost all of the family made the trip, except for a few off at college.  Summer was a big hit at the party.
Aunt Cathy watched Summer for a few hours so Dawn and I got go enjoy a date night along the Ohio River.
Friday we took our time exploring the city and stopped to get my favorite burger at Sammy's.  SO good!  I always have to get the Sammy burger.  
Saturday morning was wet and chilly, but we geared up to watch our cousin Mary run in a cross country meet at Hilliard-Bradley. 
Bill Kelly invited us over to watch the Buckeyes came and Summer fit right in.   Here she is with Bob Kendrick.
Sunday we met Dawn's parents to pick up Buckeye, but then Summer and I listened to the Browns game since it was not on TV this week.
Once Dawn finished working, we did go to Buffalo Wild Wings for the fourth quarter.  Summer absolutely loves watching football.  But she did not like it when everyone yelled when the game was tied and the Chargers kicked the field goal with time running out and it went wide... BUT (Classic Browns) we were offside so they got to kick again and we lost.  All the yelling was for nothing. But she calmed down quick.

Setting up to be a gorgeous week ahead with above normal temperatures.  For the first full week of October we normally average highs in the upper 60s, but we will be in the low to mid 70s all week.  Mostly sunny for Monday, but more clouds mixing in by Tuesday and Wednesday.  Rain looks to move in late Thursday evening into Friday.  Then we cool off heading into next weekend.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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