Friday, August 26, 2011

Painting and visitors

Been a little while since I have been on here; been busy as always. My brother came on Monday and then my 14 year old sister came Tuesday and just left a nice four day visit. I recruited her to help with the painting in the bedroom and helping move furniture around and unpacking pots and pans and getting the house cleaned up after the wedding and honeymoon. HUGE thanks to her for all the help. Dawn and I treated her to some adventure golf, a couple movies, and taking her out to eat a couple of times.

Well with Hurricane Irene about to graze the far eastern coast of the Carolinas and Virginia and New England will put our weather on hold. This means that the sunshine and mild temperatures will be around for a while. No rain is expected for the next week. We will have a weak cold front swing through later Saturday into Sunday which will cool off the temps a little, but not a lot. The good news is that with the hurricane it will basically tear down the cold front and no rain is expected. I will be back in tomorrow, Saturday, then I will be switching my schedule at work. I will soon be off weekends and moved to mornings. Enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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  1. Siblings are so nice to have, aren't they. :)

    The good weather here is nice, but I hope those out East do OK.


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