Sunday, August 14, 2011

Moped Trade & Thank You Cards

Today has been a long day. I was up late last night getting stuff ready for today and I woke up at 7AM to pack up my Motomarina Sebring and head to Louisville, KY to meet a guy halfway to do a moped trade. I loved my Sebring the last two and a half years, but I was kinda over the whole Italian bike thing and plus for as tall as I am, the sitting position was not great for me. I, in turn, got his Puch Magnum with a handful of aftermarket parts. It will be my new project but it will be a little while until I think it will be fully ready to take the roads. While my bike was ready right now, I want to give the Magnum a complete once-over and make sure everything is perfect before I try zipping around on it. I will say this, I sat on it and the riding position is WAY better for my long legs.

As I said I will have to wait to work on that because I have a lot on my plate. Now that the wedding is over I have over a hundred Thank You cards to write as does Dawn. I plan on starting on that tomorrow and try to get them done as soon as possible. I also am starting to study for a big test I have coming up sometime later this fall/winter. That will take a lot of my time because I need to devote as much free time as possible to keeping my nose in a book/notes/study guides.

At least it was nice weather for the drive to Louisville today. It was nice when the clouds came out to block out the sun because I forgot my sunglasses and it stayed dry and cool for the entire trip. The clouds will break up a little overnight and we could see a little patchy fog form. There are three basic ingredients for fog: light or no wind, moisture, and clear skies. We have the moisture from yesterday's and today's rain...winds are lightening we just need the skies to clear up. Temperatures will remain in the 70's tomorrow and the sun will be around for the first half of the week before more rain arrives around Thursday as temperatures warm back into the mid and lower 80's. Our average high for this time of the year is 83, so the temperatures the last week have been below where they should be and I am loving how it already feels like fall...bring on the Browns! Well I will be back on this week because I will be covering for Jeff Booth and doing weather in the evenings. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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