Monday, July 12, 2021

Tar Hollow, Buffalo wedding, Outer Banks

Good Monday morning!  Been a while, so wanted to check in with all the goings-ons from the past couple weeks.  This weekend I went running with my buddy Mike at Tar Hollow State Park.  They must have had some gusty storms this week because there were quite a few large trees with green leaves blown down across the trails.  So that made it fun going over/under/around them.  
It was a beautiful morning at the lake! I had no idea they have a putt putt area on the north side of the lake.  We did the north loop and south loop of the Logan Trail then added a shorter road version of the north loop to tack on another 6 miles. 
Sunday was a nice afternoon after the soaking morning rain.  We went to the park.  Can you find Summer in this photo?
Then let's work backwards.  Last week was a busy week and the kids were visiting grammy for a few extra days.  Friday finished off the workweek with weather on the go from Huntington Park and I was able to do the forecast from the field.  So fun and weather cooperated well for Friday and Saturday, but morning rain Sunday left the field too wet for play. 

The previous weekend we were in Buffalo for my good friend's wedding.  So much fun.  
I ran the Hilltop USA 5k (virtually) in Buffalo with a view of Canada during the run. 
Totally different view a couple days before.  We went to Outer Banks for a family vacation before heading to Buffalo.  So lots of driving.  We stayed in Salvo.
This was the kids' first time seeing the ocean.
And their first time in the water.  They quickly ran back up to the sand because the waves were pretty big for them and they were breaking only about 20 feet from the shore.  We had a pool at the house and it was perfect for Evan and Summer.  We did go back out to the ocean a few more days and build sandcastles, but I think they preferred the pool because the waves were as tall as them.
I did get out for a few runs, but it was so hot and humid that I limited my runs to less than 10 miles.
We also were able to watch the sun come up the first morning.  Lots of fun!  Great for a family!
For our weather in Central Ohio this week: We have scattered showers and storms for the next few days then some drier air moves in before more scattered showers and storms heading into the weekend. We stay warm and humid the entire week as well. Today we have a front parked across the Ohio Valley and we are seeing scattered showers and storms passing through the area and we will continue to see more this afternoon and evening as we warm into the mid 80s. A humid afternoon between the scattered storms. We have a marginal risk for gusty storms along with some isolated high water due to downpours. A few showers or storms overnight, but less numerous. Staying warm and humid overnight with lows around 70s. Tuesday will be similar to Monday with highs warming into the mid 80s with scattered showers and storms. Looking ahead: The front will slowly fall apart and some weakening high pressure will move in for Wednesday and Thursday. So the chance of rain is still possible, but lower for later Wednesday and Thursday. The break in the clouds will also allow for temps to warm into the upper 80s by Thursday. Upper 80s on Friday again before more scattered showers and storms for Friday PM and Saturday. Most models are kicking the rain to the south during the morning on Sunday and then drier air by the afternoon. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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  1. What a fun update. Your beautiful family is growing so fast. Precious pictures. It's amazing how fast they grow up and have families of their own.


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