Monday, January 16, 2017

Fun extended weekend

We had some storms last week and Summer and I went outside to watch them roll in.  She kept calling the rain "snow," but I tried getting her to say rain.  
Thursday night we cashed in Dawn's Christmas gift.  I got her a painting class, because she is more about experiences than physical things.
Working on it...
Almost there...
DONE!  It was a LOT of fun!
Summer is still getting over our cold and she woke up before us this weekend, so I let her come into bed and watch some cartoons.  She wasn't interested in me at all once the TV was on. HAHA!
Roads may be slick in spots early for your Monday morning with some spotty wintry mix then warming temps will mean spotty rain showers through the day. More spotty rain tonight and staying mild. Scattered rain showers Tuesday and even warmer with highs more than 20 degrees above normal. Early rain Wednesday then mostly cloudy til Friday when more rain returns. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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