Saturday, April 4, 2015

Bathroom remodel rolls on, so do spring storms

Monday my first task was to finish putting up the backerboards, or Hardiebacker boards, on the shower surround.  
I did that in the morning then cleaned it all thoroughly then taped and mortared all the joints... Not much I could do the rest of the day. 
Tuesday I painted the walls and used the RedGard in the shower to waterproof the surround.
Once the shower got a second coat I used the remaining to put on a coat to the floor and double up in a few spots for that too.  Done for the day.
Then I took Wednesday to run errands and spend the afternoon with Dawn on the patio.  The weather was too nice to pass up and it was great to relax for a day.
Thursday I put up the new lighting fixture, touched up a little paint and started to dry laying the back half of the bathroom and cut most of the corner pieces. 
Time to get to business...
And after about two hours on my knees... I got all the hard spots done and down.
I finished up the rest of the floor on Friday morning and then I had to stay off the floor for twenty-four hours... notice the window... Luckily I could step into the shower then on to a tile that was laid the day before.  I am hoping to get the shower tiled next Tuesday and Wednesday, my next two days off... I plan on grouting Monday before coming to fill in for Bill Kelly.  I wore knee pads for the floor, but MAN... my knees were shot for about 10 minutes when I tried getting up.  I have MAD respect for people that do that for a living.
I hope you all have a Happy Easter or Passover.  The weather looks great for tomorrow.  Chilly in the morning, but we warm up quickly with the sunshine.  More clouds Monday with some late-day rain.  More storms Tuesday and some of them may be on the strong side later in the day and Tuesday night.  The rain takes a little bit of a break late Wednesday, but more rain for Thursday and Friday then finally a cold front will cool us off a little by next weekend.  I still have a slight chance for rain on Saturday, but that appears to look early with the latest forecast models.  But basically... keep the umbrella handy all week long.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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