Saturday, October 18, 2014

Snow contest, giant gourds, and home preps

It's about to make a comeback! After a HUGE response on my Facebook and Twitter pages, I am actually putting together a pretty sweet prize pack for this year's contest.  Be sure to check out my pages for the contest.  I will be launching it at the end of the month.  (BUT... keep in mind... you don't have to submit your forecast weeks out... the cutoff deadline is 72 hours before the winning time... so if you are vigilant with the forecast then you can come closer by holding off.)  STAY TUNED!!!
I did a story at the Circleville Pumpkin Show and WOW!!!  Talk about some giant gourds!
I spent my last two days off painting, and painting... and painting.  My parents came up and cleaned the windows to the house and helped paint one day. 
We also cleaned the gutters.  In total... four closets and three bedrooms are painted and almost ready for move-in.   I also ripped out the wall-mounted entertainment center. Took a lot of time to patch up, but you can hardly notice now... even if you ARE looking for it.  Excited to get moved in and relax... for a day...

Chilly morning for the Columbus Marathon with temps in the mid 30's. Plenty of sun, though, for Sunday along with cool temperatures.  Enjoy the sun because more rain returns for Monday and Tuesday.  Just spotty nuisance rain, but still something to plan for.  Highs stay cool for the start of the week in the 50's, but then sunshine returns and we slowly warm back into the 60's by next weekend.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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